permission to sail was granted on wednesdayafternoon. Had to wait for daylight and high water on

thursdayafternoon before we could sail. Now underway to Antwerp (ETA 21/01) and Ellesmere in order

to load more cargo for Escravos (and some additional cargo for Warri, 50 miles upstream Escravos River).

The Escravos GTL is planned for first delivery in about 3 years. They think. And hope.

Works at the barbed wire on the concrete wall protecting the site against pirate-attacks is in full progress.


crew Happy Rover


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Happy Rover at Escravos, Nigeria



after receiving permission from the authorities we discharged the coldbox on the 1st of january.

On a very foggy fridaymorning we discharged the 4 pressure vessels in the hold.

Landed on a SPMT (trailer with a lot of self propelled wheels) the vessels were driven to a storage area

on the plant.

Discharging went smooth and was completed at 11:30.

Pilot was booked for saturdaymorning 08:00 for leaving during High Tide.

Customs and Immigration visited the vessel in the afternoon and gave clearance to sail.


Everything seemed OK but then we were informed that NPA (Nigerian Port Authorities) does not give

permission to sail, why nobody knows.

So now we are waiting for this permission, it's almost weekend so most probably we can sail on



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berthed 29/12 09:45 at the Chevron-jetty at Escravos.

Now 31/12 and nothing discharged yet. Hopefully this afternoon the client gets permission from the

authorities to start discharging.

We are standby, the coldbox is hooked in and ready to be discharged.

The pictures give an overview of the Chevron 'Gas to Liquefied'-plant. When everything is finished here

the plant is producing diesel.

If you want to find the berth at Google-earth some coordinates:

05-36.40' N 005- 12.30' E


Wishing you a very happy 2009,


crew Happy Rover


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Happy Rover loading at Ellesmere Port, Great Britain









15/12, on a cold morning, we started loading 4 pressure vessels of 111mT each in the lowerhold.

On pic 3 you can see the Manchester Ship Canal and on the left the Mersey River at low tide.

16/12, after a lot of preparations, we started loading the Cold Box (588mT,lxbxh=60mx7.5mx13m).

Do not really know what it is, we were told it is producing oxygen.



crew Happy Rover


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Happy Rover approaches Ellesmere Port, Great Britain


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Happy Rover at Singlefjorden, Norway


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